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Busy times

Hi to all my regular readers – just thought I’d let you know that for the next few months I have about 8Hrs extra work a week so I’m not finding much free time to get the stories written down, it’ll be slow for a while but I’ll keep them coming as I can.

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Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been on Holidays and then busy since getting back, I’ll have an update next week.

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Crazy Busy

Sorry for the delays – life is incredibly busy at the moment, even this evening our 2yr old has been vomiting all over the lounge, I imagine it’s likely to stay fairly busy in the lead up to Christmas but I’ll keep them coming as fast as I can.

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Sorry for the delay in stories this week, I’ve had too many evening meetings to be able to write any more stories (well I’ve done one but it’s in it’s 4th draft and still not ready to post – I may need to leave it and come back to it). I think the next post […]

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The very first post!

OK, OK, I’m actually just getting set up and I’m wanting to have the first few stories proof read before I put them up but it won’t be long before we’re up, up and away… You don’t have to read the stories in order, but there will occassionally be a reference to a Henry from […]

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