Henry the Complainer

Every story needs a good beginninghis is the story of Henry the duck, but it’s a different Henry to the Henry you might know.  Because, not everybody knows this, but just about every duck is called Henry! 

And this Henry never seemed to be happy.   He was always complaining about something and all of the other ducks were sick of it. 

Henry lived in a park called ‘Central Park’, in New York City (America), but despite living in such a beautiful place, Henry was always complaining.   Henry complained about the animals from the Zoo keeping him awake at night.   He complained about the pond they lived on and how it was too small or too cold or too muddy or too smelly.   Henry complained that there were too many people and not enough food and, well, he complained about pretty much everything

Finally the other ducks suggested that Henry should go and find somewhere else to live and Henry agreed.   In fact, Henry already knew the perfect place to live, and it wasn’t very far away.   That night, Henry said good bye to all the other ducks and went to live on top of the empire state building.   

Henry couldn’t believe how sparkly the city looked from his new home and he knew that he’d finally found the perfect home.   

But later that night Henry was starting to have second thoughts.  Henry’s new home was very windy and Henry was freezing. He hadn’t been able to find anywhere comfortable to sleep and he was huddled in a concrete corner trying to stay warm.   That night, Henry had the worst sleep he’d ever had and when he woke up there was nothing at all to eat for breakfast.   Finally after searching through a bin, Henry found a bit of left over, stale, sandwich.   Then, because he was feeling dirty from his time in the rubbish bin, Henry rolled around in a small puddle trying to have a bath.   But after his bath, Henry found he was even dirtier than before because the puddle turned out to be a puddle of spilt soft drink. Yuck!   

Henry was starting to think that ‘Central Park’ wasn’t such a bad place to live after all. It had a nice big lake to wash in and plenty of worms and grass to eat.   In fact, the only thing Henry was liking about his new home was the peace and quite. But all that changed when the doors to the roof opened and the roof top quickly filled with tourists carrying cameras.   Henry spent the next three hours running around trying not to be trodden on.   Then, he sat for the next two hours huddled in a corner trying to ignore the noise, but finally he’d had enough. 

Living on the roof of the empire state building had seemed like a good idea, but now Henry knew it was no place for a duck.   Henry finally understood what a wonderful home central park was and so as soon as he could get away from the crowd he took off and flew back there, as fast as he could. 

The other ducks were surprised to see Henry back so soon, but they were even more surprised by the end of the day, because not one of them had heard Henry complain about anything! In fact, from that time on, the other ducks loved to be around Henry because he always seemed to be a very happy duck and he never complained again.   Well, okay, maybe he complained occasionally, but certainly not as much as before!

And that’s the story of Henry the duck. 

 This is a free children’s story from www.henrytheduck.net
©2009, all rights reserved.

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