Henry Visits China

Every story needs a good beginninghis is the story of Henry the duck, but it’s a different Henry to the Henry you might know.  Because, not everybody knows this, but just about every duck is called Henry! 

And this Henry loved to travel.  In fact, he’d flown all over the world, making new friends and discovering lots of interesting places.  This year, Henry had decided to visit China and he was having a wonderful time.

Everywhere Henry went he saw the most beautiful scenery. China had some of the best lakes that Henry had ever seen.  All of the lakes and ponds were surrounded by lovely parks with miniature trees and nicely shaped bushes.  The water in the lakes was filled with all kinds of colourful fish.  Even the people doing their slow exercises in the parks seemed so peaceful and happy.  Henry thought that he could happily stay in China and live there for the rest of his life.

The only thing that bothered Henry was that so far, he hadn’t seen many other ducks. 

Henry was sure that any duck who saw these lakes would want to live on them, but as Henry looked around he couldn’t see any other ducks anywhere.  It seemed strange to Henry that a place which should be full of ducks was completely empty of ducks, so he decided to investigate.

Henry swam right around the lake, checking the reeds and under the bridges but there were no ducks to be found.  Henry couldn’t even see any holes or duck feathers on the banks where ducks might live.

Finally, he decided to check out the big building in the centre of the lake.  He thought perhaps it was a special house for ducks and they were all inside sleeping or having a meeting.

But when Henry looked in the window all he could see were people eating their lunch.  The big building seemed to be some sort of restaurant and Henry was sure he wouldn’t find any ducks in there. 

Just as he was turning to leave, Henry realised he was VERY wrong.  Out of the corner of his eye, Henry noticed a big menu on the wall and the thing that had caught his attention was the word ‘duck’.  Lemon Duck, Sweet and Sour Duck, Deep Fried Duck… there seemed to be lots of different ways for people to order duck.  Henry thought perhaps he’d read the menu wrong or made some sort of mistake but just at that moment a waiter delivered someone’s lunch to them and it was definitely a cooked duck!

Henry could feel his heart pounding in his chest.  Suddenly he knew why there were no ducks in all these wonderful lakes.

As quick as he could, Henry took off and flew up above the clouds.  No one was going to catch this duck and eat it.  Henry flew for two whole days without even stopping for a drink.  He kept flying until he knew he was no longer in China and then he flew another whole day just to be sure.

Even on the way out of China Henry flew over lots of wonderful lakes and lovely countryside and he knew it was one of the most beautiful countries he’d ever visited, but he’d also learnt that it was no place for a duck to live.

And that’s the story of Henry the duck.

 This is a free children’s story from www.henrytheduck.net
©2009, all rights reserved.

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