Henry and the Crocodile

Every story needs a good beginninghis is the story of Henry the duck, but it’s a different Henry to the Henry you might know.  Because, not everybody knows this, but just about every duck is called Henry! 

And this Henry loved to explore, he especially loved exploring new lakes, underwater. 

One day while Henry was flying around exploring he spotted the biggest lake he’d ever seen.  From the air Henry could see that it was full of his favorite duck weed and surrounded by lovely grass.  The water of the lake looked cool and inviting and Henry couldn’t believe that it wasn’t full of ducks.  In fact, that was the only reason that Henry didn’t dive straight in for a swim.

Henry knew there must be a good reason why there were no ducks in the lake, but he couldn’t work out what it was.  The more he circled the lake the better it looked.  Henry could see berry bushes on the banks and fish swimming in the shallow water, it was by far the most wonderful lake He’d ever seen.

After two hours of flying around and around the lake looking for anything dangerous he still hadn’t seen anything wrong.   So finally, exhausted and hot, Henry decided to take the plunge, quite literally.

Henry flew up above the middle of the lake, then dove straight down.  He didn’t even slow down as he hit the water, plunging deep into the pond and straight into the jaws of the biggest crocodile he’d ever seen in his life.

It all happened so quickly that Henry was in the crocodile’s mouth and down it’s throat before he’d even realised what had happened.  The Crocodile, who’d been chasing a fish and hadn’t even seen Henry, seemed equally surprised.  But there were more surprises to come because Henry was still very much alive and in one piece, inside the crocodile.  He knew he had to escape and so he started pecking at everything he could and it wasn’t long before he could hear the crocodile groaning in pain. 

Henry knew that the crocodile was the reason there were no ducks on the beautiful lake and he also knew that he wouldn’t usually be able to hurt a crocodile but from where he was inside the crocodile it was a very different story.

In fact, it wasn’t long before the crocodile swam up onto the shore and pleaded with Henry to stop pecking him and leave him alone.  Henry made the crocodile promise to leave the lake and never come back and he wouldn’t leave until the crocodile promised. 

When he did finally climb out of the crocodile he flew above it to make sure it really left.  He kept following it until it was a long, long way from the Lake and Henry was quite sure it was never coming back.  Then, Henry went and told all his friends.

It wasn’t long before the lake was full of ducks.  Every one who came to visit ended up staying because it was such a lovely lake and all of them were very impressed that Henry had chased the big crocodile away.  Every night they had Henry tell the story again and again and many of the younger ducks thought Henry was the bravest duck who’d ever lived.  But Henry didn’t think it was something he’d like to do again and so he was very glad that the crocodile never came back.

And that’s the story of Henry the duck.

 This is a free children’s story from www.henrytheduck.net
©2009, all rights reserved.

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  1. By Issy, November 13, 2009 @ 9:27 am

    Dear henry,
    I am really enjoying reading about your adventures.
    I might even pass them on to some kids.
    You should visit sydney sometime.
    from a fan in sydney.