Henry’s Seaside Adventure.

For Issy, because she asked so nicely…

Every story needs a good beginninghis is the story of Henry the duck, but it’s a different Henry to the Henry you might know.  Because, not everybody knows this, but just about every duck is called Henry! 

And this Henry was black, from head to toe.

His feet were black, his bill was black, even his skin and feathers were black. As far as Henry knew he was the only black duck in the whole world. Other ducks often asked him how he came to be so black and it was a story that Henry loved to tell. You see, Henry hadn’t always been black. In fact, he was just like every other duck for the first few years of his life. He’d kind of, become black during a trip to Sydney and it was a trip he’d never forget.

Henry had visited a friend in Sydney and then he’d decided to head to the beach. He’d spent hours body surfing in the waves and was having the time of his life, much to the surprise of the people swimming near him but after a while he’d decided to go for a snack.

Henry had always wondered whether seaweed was anything like the duck weed that he ate back home. So he headed off to the rock pools at the end of the beach to find out (well, truth be told, he was actually hoping he might see a star fish but the seaweed excuse was as good as any other he could think of).

Henry had been hopping from rock to rock around a particularly big pool of water when he’d slipped on a slimy rock and fallen in. Which was pretty embarrassing even for a duck and Henry was very glad that no other ducks had been around to see him. It was as he was climbing out, having a little chuckle to himself, that he was suddenly grabbed and dragged under the water!

Henry could feel arms wrapping around him but the more he tried to push them off the tighter they held him. Even using his wings, his feet and his beak, Henry still found he couldn’t break free. Whatever had a hold of him seemed to have two hands for every one of Henry’s and that’s when it suddenly dawned on Henry that he was about to become lunch to an octopus.

Henry had never heard of a duck being eaten by an octopus before but he realised, as he struggled, that if he didn’t get free soon then no-one would hear about him being eaten by an octopus either.

So with renewed desperation, Henry twisted his neck around and began to peck the octopus as hard as he could in as many places as he could and just when he thought he’d run out of air the octopus finally let go and everything went dark.

Henry couldn’t see a thing, it was as though it had suddenly become night time and Henry realised the octopus must have sprayed it’s ink all over him as it ran away in search of an easier dinner. The problem was that now Henry had no idea which way was up or which way was down and he really needed a breath of fresh air.

Henry thrashed about trying to clear the ink so that he could see and was overjoyed when he felt his foot break water. He shot out of the pool and flopped onto the rocks, gasping for air. And it was only after he’d gotten his breath back that he realised he was black all over.

Henry had tried all sorts of ways to wash the ink off, but nothing had ever worked and even over a long time, the ink hadn’t faded. Luckily Henry had gotten used to it fairly quickly and it really wasn’t so bad in the end. Besides, it always gave him a great story to tell at parties! 

And that’s the story of Henry the duck.

This is a free bed time story from www.henrytheduck.net ©2009, all rights reserved.

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