Henry’s Rain Troubles.

Every story needs a good beginninghis is the story of Henry the duck, but it’s a different Henry to the Henry you might know.  Because, not everybody knows this, but just about every duck is called Henry! 

And this Henry didn’t like rain.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like water, he loved water. If fact, every afternoon Henry took a long swim in the lake, but rain was another matter entirely. And unfortunately the area where Henry lived got lots and lots of rain.

Henry hated the way the rain made the side of the lake muddy. Henry hated the way wet leaves stuck to his bottom whenever he sat down. Henry hated the smell of wet dirt in his duck hole. Henry hated not being able to fly because his wings were all soggy. Henry, it would have to be said, hated EVERYTHING about rain!!

So, Henry decided to move to the desert. He figured that any place that had almost no rain would be a great place to live. And for the first few months Henry did love living in the desert. He’d found himself a lovely oasis with its own little pool of cool, refreshing water, 3 palm trees and a rock to shelter under. It even had a small patch of grass.

The problem was, after a few months Henry had eaten all the grass and was now having to eat grasshoppers (which, he discovered, don’t taste anything like grass). Worse than that, Henry had noticed his little pool getting smaller and smaller with each passing day and before long, it was no more than a large puddle.

The good news was, it hadn’t rained once since Henry had arrived. So he was willing to stay and see how things turned out. Besides, his little oasis really was feeling like home and Henry was sure it would eventually rain, just enough to fill up his pool and bring back the little patch of grass. But as the weeks went by it didn’t rain. Henry had to start digging for water to drink each morning and it wasn’t long before he was too tired to even hunt grasshoppers.

After another week Henry’s water ran out completely. Now he was so weak there was no way he could fly, in fact, he could hardly even raise his head. He spent his days sitting in the shade, dreaming about grass, dreaming about cool refreshing water, even, dreaming about RAIN!    

So when the rain finally began to fall, Henry thought he’d never seen a more wonderful sight in his whole life. He rolled down the sand, into the now empty pool and lay on his back in the rain catching water in his mouth.

It took three days of constant drinking before Henry was strong enough to fly again, but as soon as he could fly he left the desert forever.

All the ducks welcomed Henry home and he moved straight back into his old duck hole. For the first few weeks he often had ducks drop in to ask about his adventures. It wasn’t long though before life was pretty much back to normal for Henry, well, normal except for one thing. Henry no longer complained about the rain, not ever. In fact, whenever it rained Henry could usually be seen outside, lying on the ground, catching raindrops in his mouth, looking like he was having the time of his life!

And that’s the story of Henry the Duck.

This is a free bed time story from www.henrytheduck.net ©2009, all rights reserved.

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