HenryHi there, I hope you enjoy this Henry the Duck site and that your children enjoy the Henry stories. The idea for Henry the duck started in Early 2009 when my 4 year old daughter asked me to make up a story about a duck. She got the first ever Henry the Duck story (well, that I ever told). A few nights later she wanted another made up story, so I started another story… “This is the story of Henry the Duck” only to be interupted with – “No, we did that story the other night! I want a different one!” . I replied “Ah, but this is a different Henry!! because not everyone knows this but just about every duck is called Henry! and this Henry…” and so the Henry concept was born.

This actually gives a lot of scope for new ideas because it means Henry can come from any country and can be from any era (even the future). Which is just as well because ever since then my daughters have asked for a Henry story every night when I’m able to put them to bed. Having to make up stories so frequently (probably 3-4 a week) isn’t always easy and needless to say they’re not always as creative as I’d like but for the most part the girls love them. I’ve been keeping track of the stories in a notebook and decided to write them down so the girls could read them to their children one day. Although you’ll be pleased to know that the really terrible stories (those nights when I couldn’t come up with much) along with the ones that just didn’t go over well with the girls, never make it into the notebook.

So these are the stories that have been trialed and enjoyed in our household and seemed to go over well with both our 4 year old and 8 year old. Everyone has their own favorites and I’m sure if you keep coming back you’ll end up with your favorites too. I don’t know how long the new stories will keep coming but there are over 100 in the notebook as I start this site so they should be coming for a while yet.

In our house we limit the stories to one a night, but then in our house I have to make them up, so more than one a night is really out of the question.

If you like the stories or want to give feedback you can do so via email. Send your suggestions / comments / feed back etc to:

If your children do a picture of any of the Henry stories then be sure to email me a copy and who knows, it might even get posted on the site.

Keep visiting regularly to get the latest stories, bye for now.

Some bloke in country NSW, Australia.


P.S. All of the stories are stories that I made up, I am not aware of any stories that are similar to these but hey, it’s a big world out there and great minds think alike!

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