Click on me to become a fan in facebook

Click on me to become a fan in facebook

Want to send me an email? I’m happy to hear from you, your thoughts, your suggestions, how the stories have gone with your children.

Has your child (or yourself) drawn or painted a picture from one of the Henry stories? I’d love to see it. Email it to me (scan it or take a photo) along with the following information:
–  name (first name only),
–  age
–  what country you’re from and
–  which Henry story it’s a picture of

and who knows it might even get posted on the site.

write to me at:

If you’ve really enjoyed reading the Henry stories then why not add a link from your own website or facebook site so that all your friends can join in the fun. You can even become a fan of on facebook (just look for the page or click on the photo to the right).

I look forward to hearing from you.

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